01.06.2021 - bioanalytik-muenster honours "Jugend forscht" participant

Special prize for top research

Investigating the possibility of using mRNA not only as a corona vaccine from BioNTech... 

Münster, 28 May 2021 - As part of her "Jugend forscht" project, high school graduate Luna Mae Giesen investigated the possibility of using mRNA not only as a corona vaccine from BioNTech, but also in the treatment of cystic fibrosis. For this she received the Bioanalytics Special Award from the Society for Bioanalytics Münster e.V..

The award was presented at the Nano-Bioanalytics Centre and honours the high school student's contribution to this year's IHK regional competition in the field of biology. "As spokesperson for the German NanoBioMedicine Platform, I am particularly pleased about the project, since the RNA is introduced into the diseased cells with the help of nanoparticles," emphasised Dr. Klaus-Michael Weltring from bioanalytik-muenster. Dr Eckhard Göske, Head of the Industry Department at the North Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce, also congratulated the winner. "We very much welcome the fact that pupils are always given the opportunity to take part in cutting-edge medical research by the university hospital."

Cystic fibrosis is a widespread inherited metabolic disease caused by mutations in the so-called CFTR gene which leads to an imbalance in the salt-water balance of the body's cells. A viscous mucus forms that can affect the function of many organs, especially the lungs. As part of her "Jugend forscht" project, Luna Mae Giesen investigated the effect of CFTR-RNA nanocapsules in human epithelial cells, which play a central role in the disease. The supervising teacher was Nadine Reinhart from Pascal Gymnasium.

From left: Dr. Eckhard Göske, IHK Nord Westfalen, Luna Mae Giesen, Dr. Klaus-M. Weltring, bioanalytik-muenster


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